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Whether you choose to use the gas, electric or both, the Outlander PHEV is as flexible as your driving demands require. The Outlander PHEV switches seamlessly between twin electric motors or a highly efficient gas engine for an incredibly smooth, quiet ride
— all without compromising comfort, efficiency or performance. And it automatically switches between the three drive modes (EV, Series Hybrid and Parallel Hybrid) as conditions and your driving style change.


EV DRIVE MODE: Electric power only
The electric motors power the vehicle using electricity from the battery, resulting in zero fuel consumption and zero CO2 tailpipe emissions.This drive mode is quiet, clean and powerful.


Utilizing a standard 120V household outlet, the Outlander PHEV can be recharged in approximately 8 hours. If an external Level 2
EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) charger utilizing 240V is installed, that charging time can be cut down to approximately
3.5 hours. Outlander PHEV is currently the only Plug‑in Hybrid Electric SUV that provides you with the capability of DC quick charging, utilzing a CHAdeMO protocol public charger. An 80% charge can be achieved in as little as 25 minutes. With so much flexibility in charging options, Outlander PHEV ensures the ultimate in efficiency. Charging status is conveniently displayed on the instrument panel and on your smartphone using the Mitsubishi Remote Control App, which not only remotely controls the charging timer, allowing you to reschedule charging during off‑peak hours for example, it also allows you to pre‑heat or pre‑cool the interior of the vehicle, for a comfortable start to your drive.


Drive as efficiently as you want with an abundance of intelligent controls at your fingertips. Control battery usage with the Charge or Save modes, and monitor your energy usage with the Energy Usage Indicator in the instrument cluster or in the audio system display. Best of all, use the ECO SCORE feature to measure just how eco-friendly your driving is. Sophisticated and stylish, the contemporary interior
design complements its smart technology to keep you connected.


Outlander PHEV boasts an exceptional 74MPGe combined range. The innovative Plug-in Hybrid EV system is remarkably eco‑efficient. Enjoy the possibility of zero fuel consumption, zero C02 tailpipe emissions and an incredibly quiet ride during all‑electric driving. Twin electric motors and an efficient gas engine optimize performance according to your driving.

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